Mold Remediation Levels

Mold remediation refers to the several steps taken to get rid of the mold that grew on the building materials in the home. Problems involving molds can either be tackled by the owner or forced to hire services of professional mold remediators in more extreme cases. There are several things to do during mold remediation procedures no matter who is removing the mold, either the home owners or the remediation company. One of these things is to ensure that there is no obstruction towards the mold remediation area. This because the process is very intense and makes use of equipment. Another thing is to spray the mold infested are with a biocide to kill the spores that might be accidentally inhaled during remediation process causing health problems. Learn more about these by reading further.

The levels of mold remediation serve the sole purpose of guiding an individual to know, at what point they are needed to hire professional services from a mold remediation company, and also informs when one can solve the problem of molds on their own. Level one remediation can be done by the home owner because here the molds are found in small areas like ceiling or wall. This problem can be successfully controlled through regular cleaning while wearing the personal protective equipment like gloves, apron, respirator and an eye protector. This helps save money that could have been spent hiring the remediation company for such a small task. The second level of mold remediation is also performed by the home owners, and also, the areas where the mold is removed should be vacuumed preferably using HEPA vacuum.

Level three mold remediation occurs on a larger area and in addition to the treatment procedures done on level one and two, here all the air movement ventilations are sealed using plastic sheets, and the area should be kept dry and completely free of the mold. The fourth level is more complicated because of the severe contamination by the mold, and this requires the services of professionals to avoid infection cases to human. The mold infested areas should be evacuated and the experts are working should be dressed in protective clothing. Before settling back, the professionals should ascertain that the home is safe to be occupied. The final level five of mold remediation is that of air conditioners in the house. There are instances where the molds grow in air conditioner systems in the house, and this should only be handled by the professional from remediation companies who use agents that stop the mold growth. Keep these in mind when looking into mold inspection and removal.

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